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CAI WNY hosts educational and professional development webinars and workshops for board members, property managers, and business partners throughout the year.  Many of these provide credit hours towards certification for property managers who would like to become credentialed in their field.  CAI offers online classes and webinars, as well. 

Webinars & Workshops 

CAI WNY 2021 Event Calendar

CAI WNY Webinar Library

CAI Course Offerings

Information on Certification
CAI Certification Requirements

CAMICB Certification Requirements

CAI WNY Resources

CAI WNY publishes a quarterly electronic newsletter entitled Community Association Connection highlighting key issues facing Western New York community associations and the people who serve them.  In addition, an email is sent each Friday to all members addressing a topic of interest with useful tips and links.  The chapter has also created pages on the website dedicated to subjects affecting our members or for which we have received requests for information. 

CAI Resources

CAI publishes a quarterly magazine for its members entitled Common Ground, and two e-newsletters entitled Community Association Law Reporter, and CAI@Home.  All three are free to its members.  

In addition, CAI provides the following free online member resources and MORE!

  • copyright free articles for use in newsletters

  • access to the CAI research library

  • Business Partner toolkit (Business Partners only)

  • Property Managers Briefcase (Property Managers only)

  • Community Manager  monthly newsletter for Property Managers

  • Exchange:  Online Community (blog)

  • Advocacy Blog

Download a Directory of CAI's Online Resources from A - Z

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