About Us


The Western New York Chapter of the Community Associations (WNY-CAI) Institute was founded by George Grasser and Ruth DeRoo and received its designation in 1979. The chapter serves the education and information needs of the area’s (read more)


Governance Structure

The WNY-CAI is governed and its policies are executed by a Board of Directors (see attachment). All officers are members of the Board of Directors. The Chapter has engaged a part time paid Executive Director as an independent contractor to manage the day-to-day operations.  (read more)



PROGRAMS – We sponsor a variety of programs that contain the subject matter of interest to the broadest scope of our membership.

TRADE SHOWS – The purpose of this activity is to attract as many chapter   members to an annual event that features speakers, products, and/or services for the benefit of our membership

NEWSLETTER – Published quarterly by the Chapter, Community Association Connection enables the Chapter to communicate with the membership

WEBSITE – On line in 2007 and updated in 2015, our chapter website (www.caiwny.org) provides another opportunity to communicate with our membership. (read more)



The geographic area of the WNY-CAI covers the western end of New York State that includes Buffalo at the West, the Pennsylvania State Line at the South and Syracuse at the East. (read more)

Target Audience

The target audience is Chapter members and potential members divided into the following areas:

Community Association Volunteer Leaders

Community Management Company Executives

Community Association Managers

National and Local Business Partners

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The governing body of the Chapter is a ten (10) member Board of Directors elected by the Chapter Membership based on their nomination by the Nomination Committee for a three (3) year term of office. The composition of the Board of Directors conforms (read more)